Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hostage Bankers

I like the Comedy Central clip best. It’s more honest - and funny (if it weren’t so…) Look, the U.S. economy has been largely illusory ever since we came off the gold standard. There’s enough ‘money’ (credit) out there (on the sidelines) right now to make it work.

The problem is political rather than economic. People don’t trust this president. Any negotiation that Obama is involved with will be summarily rejected by the people. Therefore, it is distressing to see all these bankers come groveling up to the White House.

It’s clear that all these castrated men are trying hard to be diplomatic. They’re watching their words carefully. They understand that their businesses are essentially at the mercy of a three-year old. Banking in America should have its Tea Party contingent. The tea parties are the only ones who have managed to break the chains of the Obama mystique. They are free to tell the truth They are no longer hostages as bankers are. Their punishment is to remain on the fringes of temporary and fragile power structure. For this, they must suffer accusations of being ‘extreme’.

I can well remember a time, not too long ago, when the whole Obama cult would have been labeled extreme.

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