Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Trash Police

Your reference to ‘Dickens’ threw me. I thought for a moment you had double posted. In fact, I had just put down a book that makes a similar point by name: James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time”.

Baldwin writes well, but is far from profound. He wallows in his hatred and uses the wide brush whenever he can. This book - the first I have ever read by this author - could have been written by anyone with a grudge. It is the corners of self-loathing turned outward. By changing just a few of the words around, one might imagine a rabid feminist writing thus - or a misogynist, a Democrat, jihadist - or a committed Marxist.

Jihad among young Muslims around the world seems to have become a trendy lifestyle issue, like being ‘green’. I remember going to Germany last in order to sell my grandmother’s home. We only had a week or two to do it. Everything had to go. Most things were given away, but there was also a lot left that had to be taken to the dump. So off we went with load after load.

In Germany, you practically have to have a degree in what can be thrown away and what can’t. There’s a wall with razor wire surrounding the dump. Inside, there are no less than 20 receptacles that precisely specify what can be put inside. People are closely watching all the time, and they don’t hesitate to dress you down if you happen to make a mistake. After all was said and done, there was still stuff left over which couldn’t be dumped. We drove away red-faced and stopped to get gas. It was there we stuffed the garbage cans to overflowing.

In Germany, recycling has become a religion. People who do not tow the line are excommunicated or worse. The catechism of eco-terror as practiced by the state is unforgiving - and it’s catching on here in America.

The jihadis of Great Britain are getting sloppy. They understand the part about sacrificing themselves for a cause, but they no longer take the time to plan carefully. Their numerous failed attempts prove as much. They just want to get it over with as soon as possible while imagining their names in celestial lights. The Germans, on the other hand are mechanical, dogged and precise. It’s all the same game, fueled by generous doses of righteous indignation and ending in control.

“Two little Hitlers will fight it out until, one little Hitler does the other one’s will.” - EC


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