Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chinese Annoyance

“I asked James Glanz if it can be done in the US, with vastly more nodes and choke points. The answer is, ‘Yes,’ because the choke point are finite. I asked if anyone knows them. Unknown.” - I bet GOOGLE knows.
I never thought I’d agree with Hillary Clinton on anything. What she said about the internet was mostly right. What she said about rascals using the internet was mostly right. What she said about freedom vs. security was right (and she did it all without use of a teleprompter). I would expect her to stand up for the internet, free speech, and freedom of assembly when these become issues here in the U.S.

This would put her at odds with the ideas of past and present Obama-appointed czars, each charged with overseeing (internet) broadband and broadcast development (and control). Most have been exposed as having ties to groups that seek to use the internet to promote leftist agendas.

Interesting that VOA has now ceased broadcasting into China. The reason given was cost-cutting. My wife tells me that VOA broadcasts along with the BBC were always a favorite when she was growing up in Trivandrum and Mysore (India), and during the darkest days of Indira Gandhi’s uncompromising reign. No reason to suspect that the Chinese were not equally enthralled by western voices telling of cultural trends.

Our government claims that the internet can now fulfill the same function that VOA once did - obviously a ruse explanation. Washington is quite obviously heeding some privately expressed Chinese annoyance.

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