Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reply to Dr. Yo: One Last Nod

It goes beyond the idea of a ‘caliphate‘. There’s every indication that the leaders of Iran (and imams worldwide) devoutly believe in the 12th Imam who is to be birthed in blood - Jewish blood in particular. They don’t seek western concessions or political advantage. They seek the bomb which they know will put an end to their own earthly suffering and humiliation. This view expresses itself daily - not just in the reckless words and actions of the leadership, but - in the willingness (all the way down to the grass roots) to die for a higher cause while wrapped in explosives. These suicide bombers have essentially made their peace with God. They do not fear death.

They see themselves as already dead. This makes them invincible. Jihadis believe that they will ultimately be rewarded with eternal bliss after their earthly bodies are spent. It is remarkable how this mindset trumps even the most basic human interaction - that between mother and child. Islamic mothers seem to revel in the prospect of their children becoming cannon fodder. They see no future on earth.

The Israelis, in contrast, are more or less normal. You are right; they will seek to protect themselves. But at most, they’ll only make a show of it. I happen to believe it’s a myth that - as we are told - Israel is able and willing to go it alone. It’s designed to put our own minds at ease while we do nothing to help. (Later, we’ll say, oops!) Israel has always relied heavily on U.S. support. Well, the U.S. has now turned against them (along with all others). Who supports Israel these days? Can you name anyone?

Will Israel strike out against it’s aggressors, risking WWIII (that is likely to go nuclear)? I think not. The Israelis are divided as we are. There are hawks and doves on the fringes. First strike, and even retaliatory strikes, are effectively off the table. When push comes to shove, they will once again line up for the showers. They will see it as their contribution - one last nod to conscience and civility - in the face of spreading madness.

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