Friday, May 20, 2011

I Hit Her; Didn't I?

Why do we keep on plowing the same tired old field over and over again, expecting a different crop; asking if POTUS knows? Yes, he knows precisely! I’m getting tired of Obama’s so-called ‘mistakes’ (because he doesn’t know). He knows!

If I were Netanyahu, I would cancel my trip to Washington. We know of Obama’s close ties to the likes of Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and Rashid Khalidi. We know their views even if Obama lies to our faces. Why should our president’s views be any different from theirs?

When you love somebody, you believe anything they say. Fair enough. The media is simply in love with Obama. When he says, “Our commitment to Israel is unshakable,” they believe it, ignoring the mountain of all his past associations, influences; and, now, decisions. When we see him acting in ways that go counter to the interests of our nation, we are asked to ignore it and say, “He is our president who represents all we hold dear.”

Netanyahu should cancel to show he has awakened from everyone’s dream expectation; from everyone’s wishful thinking. Did Roosevelt meet with Hitler? Did Churchill meet with Mussolini? No, it’s not done. One does not meet with one’s enemies until after they’ve been defeated and they’ve turned over their swords in solemn ceremony for all the world to see.

There are two ways to achieve peace. One is to win; the other is to lose. If Bush had had even half the support Obama has, he would have gone down as one of the greatest presidents ever. His strategy for the ME was flawless. It might have worked had he not been undermined from within for table scraps. Obama’s strategy is to bat for the losing side (if we are to believe that ‘good’ always wins over ‘evil’).

We see this in every one of Obama’s decisions, foreign and domestic. In the short run it will hurt. There is no need to prolong this war. There is no need to agonize; to try and fit square pegs into round holes and vice versa.

Reminds of an old joke: Manny was a bus driver. As every morning at rush hour, his bus was so crowded with people going to work, some had to stand. The ones near the front could marvel at Manny’s skillful driving.

One day, Manny was coming down a street. There was an old, fat woman crossing the road ahead. Instead of slowing down, Manny sped up. The bus hit the woman squarely. The people who saw the whole thing were outraged. “What’s the matter with you?” they shouted. “Didn’t you see the lady?”

Manny just smiled and turned his head slightly to address them, “I hit her; didn’t I?” he said.

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