Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watching The Detectives

I’ll never believe that there’s not a human mind behind the bots. Bots are but tools, and tools can never exceed their function. Granted, this human mind behind it all may be fallible. It might be benign or outright evil. The information gathering on American citizens that is taking place as we speak is unprecedented. The soon-to-be required disclosures of moneys contributed to political candidates by anyone in one's employ before one can be considered for a government contract is just one such example. Another is the proposed questionnaire for people who are applying for a passport. (Who, but the very young, can possibly remember every job one has ever held and one's boss’s name and telephone#; the addresses of every place one might ever have lived; details about family members; people present at one’s birth, etc.?)

If you can’t fill it out, you might be denied a passport. If you fill it out wrong, you can go to jail. It’s all at the bot’s discretion (or so they’d have you believe). What is the purpose of all this information gathering? For one thing, it may make you aware that you yourself aren’t all that sure about your own birth. How then can you be so sure about the birth of another? So let’s just declare everybody that’s already here ‘legal’, and the immigration problem is solved, even without having to resort to using bad-ass words like ‘amnesty’. It also conjures up visions of 'Berlin' walls (to keep people in).

I have nothing but contempt for our present leadership. Republicans don’t have a clue of what they’re up against – or they’re complicit.

There are bots at work on Facebook too. I find, any comment I try to post using the names ‘Obama’ or ‘Soros’ is immediately scrubbed from the site. The bots know their job very well. But there’s someone behind it all who tells them what to do.

‘After the next great war, the picture of Obama’s swearing in (as U.S. president) will be the second one – not the first – the one that does not include the Bible’. – censored by FB.


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