Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second Coming

I remember back when a gallon of gas cost thirty cents; when there were pay phones and free road maps; when you could drop in on your doctor unannounced and the whole thing set you back less than ten dollars. I remember all that, and it just goes to show that things change. I remember a time when you could strap on a backpack and travel to Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan to enjoy the sights. I remember when Red China was still off limits to us, and Hong Kong was as close as you could get. And it just goes to show that some things get worse.

After yesterday’s presidential address I felt we had passed another milestone. Never have I heard so much malarkey being spouted from the mouth of the leader of a nation in a period of roughly 26 minutes.

He seemed uncomfortable in his own skin while speaking to the folks. Maybe it was because he wasn’t where he was supposed to be: in the Oval Office. Everything he said had been road-tested by his various apologists beforehand and then stitched together into an unruly quilt.

I was stunned. It was the first time I had actually witnessed unadulterated doublespeak.

What happened back in 2008 was not an election; it was a coup. Yesterday, our president looked lost and out of touch – would have felt much more comfortable among his UN buds. He did not want to give this speech; yet he had to, to maintain the pretense of representing a nation. Kaddafi seems much more convincing in this regard.

Obama echoed some past rhetorical abuses, saying how many lives were saved by this unilateral action. It brought to mind an earlier claim of ‘jobs saved’, implying that if it weren’t for him, nobody would now be working in this great country of ours.

Reminds of the film “Black Orpheus” (’59) in which the lead character gets up every morning and plays his guitar. He has convinced the town that if he were not to do it, the sun would not rise that day. After he dies, his young protégée takes up the task and the film ends.

We are left wondering what on earth we would do without BHO. How could we possibly keep rascals like Kaddafi in check? And even in this, he (Obama) displays a benevolent bent. He stops just short of giving the dictator the thumbs down. What compassion! What grace! What wisdom! …as transparent as any of these might be.
Saif is not the elder. If he were to come to power, it would be enough for the American press to hail Obama as the second coming (again).



  1. Cone on yourself, Peter. If you really thought he was a nice guy--a regular guy, you wouldn't describe him in a way that would be insulting if it were not so accurate. Having read your essays for so long now, I don't believe that you would find him a congenial golf companion or bowling buddy. :)

  2. You know, Peter, I'm not all that bright, but, in 2008, I knew, as sure as God made little green apples, that this man would be a disaster for the country. If I knew, why didn't everyone know? It wasn't that hard.

    I'll tell you what my first clue was. When I saw the names of the people whom he chose as advisors on issues involving the Catholic Church, I recognized every one of them as an outspoken dissenter whose only aim was to destroy the Church and to remake it in his/her own image. To you and others, it may not seem like a big deal, but it speaks ugly volumes to those of us who love the Church. It only went down hill from there.

  3. Oh I knew alright. I've had the foresight of keeping my posts from before Obama got himself elected. In my first, I predicted that this guy would be driving the hearse - and others knew too, to be sure. That's why I'm still smelling a rat on a whole host of issues including elections.