Saturday, March 26, 2011

Soros: What's In A Name?

I don't understand why we don't see it. We've erased the word 'war'. We've erased the word 'victory'. We're working on erasing Israel. Who does it benefit? Answer: Iran. We've got Iran in the White House!

We can tell Obama all we want about what he should do. He won’t listen. In fact, by telling him, he’ll know to do exactly the opposite. We can tell him to lower taxes, cut regulations, allow drilling, etc. There are a lot of very good and time-tested ideas floating around. It won’t matter. His goals are fundamentally different from ours. And until we accept this, and see it for what it is, we will continue on our downward trajectory.

I’m not even blaming Obama. He’s just a water boy for the big man who’s pulling the strings: George Soros. Soros appears to have some giant mad chip on his shoulder about having been born a Jew. There’s nothing more lethal than a self-hating Jew. (Hitler is said to have had a similar hang-up.)

Soros’ name changed three times. Brings to mind all the social security numbers that have been attributed to Barry S. ‘Soros’, the name that stuck, is a palindrome. That makes it special. It also means ‘next in line’ or ‘designated successor’ in Hungarian; and ‘will soar’ in Esperanto. George was taught Esperanto from birth. I need hardly explain the significance of Esperanto to this audience.

The evidence suggests that Soros engineered Obama’s electoral victories. It’s not a stretch to assume that he even now controls the lad.

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