Monday, March 21, 2011

To my readers#2:

Two things I love about these blogs is making up titles and adding pictures. This is not something I can do on John Batchelor’s site. I have a lot of pictures that I’ve taken over the years to choose from. I also recently discovered boxes and boxes of slides in the attic that my father took. I bought a scanner and added some of these to my digital collection. I think he would have been happy to see his beloved hobby bearing fruit so many years after his death.

Additionally, it’s been fun watching the graphs that tell me you have been reading my stuff – and not just those of you in the U.S. I’ve had visitors from as far away as China (and from virtually everywhere in between).

As a kid, I used to dream of becoming a writer. The problem was, I had nothing to say. For a while, I tried making stuff up. But nobody was much interested. I dropped the whole thing and, for many years, never wrote much or read.

Now this inclination seems to have reasserted itself. I no longer struggle when I sit down at the computer. The things that are happening now are way more compelling than what I could ever have imagined. Truly, “you can’t make this stuff up”.

I am profoundly grateful that you keep coming back to ‘REFLECTIONS’. I assure you, it’s all original and not cut-and-paste (unless so indicated). Spun from today’s events, I always try to lock on to an angle that might have been overlooked. Often, days later, I find something similar said or written somewhere …and I smile.

While you’re at it, do check out my other blog ( It’s about travel and is non-political. It too has been getting quite a bit of traffic lately.

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