Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Bridge To The Future

It must be kept in mind that everything is always in balance. Cancer, for instance, is a precise response to some other condition - as is tyranny. Now it may be that the environment we create by attempting to right perceived imbalances is not conducive to the survival of concepts such as freedom or liberty - or even to the continuance of human species, or life (as we know it) overall - but the system nevertheless remains in perfect balance. Perfect balance is an absolute requirement for existence.

Therefore, it is unwise to jump heavy-handedly from one extreme to another in an effort to equalize things. For one thing, Republican and Democrat, rich and poor, black and white, etc. are not opposites. They are merely different aspects among many. Heavily weighting one over another merely induces momentary displacement or shock. It has long been duly noted that deliberately induced rapid weight gains and losses are harmful to a person’s health. Any such measure of health does not mean that things are out of balance overall. It merely means that the environment that has been created is toxic to our well-being (in our present state); the same as the environment on the moon could be considered toxic to man. At the same time, it would be wrong to say that the moon is out of balance. It is and remains in perfect balance with itself. (If the moon were the only entity in the universe, both God and man would be there.)

A while back this blog mentioned the discovery of a new life form not based on carbon. Scientist were said to be surprised to find such a thing. It had heretofore been thought that life can only be carbon-based. Wrong! Life is and will continue to be, and seek expression of itself. Liberty is and will continue to be, and find a way to express itself. The path may lead inward or outward. It ultimately does not matter what we do to tinker around the edges where existence has already been established as fact.

The addition of Bill Daley to the Obama team would definitely have an impact on the WH operation. It remains yet to be seen exactly what impact it will have. Again, as something is lost, something else is gained in equal measure. The argument could be made that nothing will essentially change as long as POTUS does not listen, or if POTUS should refuse to adjust his aim.

Aim is the key here. We have watched POTUS long enough to know who POTUS is and what he wants. All pretty much agree that we can’t get there from here. America will never be a socialist nation. It will never consent to being an Islamic nation. It will not tolerate dictatorship. POTUS must take stock and understand the limits of what is possible. Pragmatism always works - miracles most often do not.

No doubt, America has changed over the years. There are those who would want it to reverse course. Reversing course, however, is also not acceptable. Genies can never be put back into the bottle. The only path for America (or any nation) is forward. A president can influence; he can articulate. He can shape by degrees. He can be a bridge to the future. What he cannot do is sever the continuum. Attempting to do so would shatter not the nation, but himself. And in so doing he would bring disappointment and hardship to the people who placed their trust in him.


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