Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swishing Swords

We don’t have a political problem. Politicians are what they are and will do what they must. What we do have is a problem with is political oversight. The press in particular has become so utterly corrupt, it’s literally mind-blowing. It all starts in the journalism schools of course - and in schools in general. It is there that the national narrative is being forged.

Islam has its madrassas in which they teach that Islam must rule the world. They prepare the young to be martyrs and practice jihad. We are on the receiving end.

So what do we do? Instead of confronting them, we counter with a parallel approach. We too, inexplicably, want to bring down our system. We recruit science. We recruit culture. We recruit (what’s left of our) religion. We recruit the impressionable; those who represent the least among us, the most vulnerable, the young, the afflicted, the perverted, the sick to join the cause. We change the language to make it seem that we have no enemies. We disarm unilaterally. We destroy our currency, our influence. We blur the line between good and evil. We ignore our own self-interest. We allow the clock to run down and, at the same time, fail to prepare for when it does.

We give comfort to our enemies. We abandon our friends. What other result can we possibly expect from such utter neglect other than to hear our enemies laughing as they draw their swords?

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