Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stop The Presses: Wrong Guy!

I really thought today was the day when it begins. The left-wing bloggers were all in position, ready to go. Some even jumped the gun. They were not listeners to the John Batchelor Show. If they had been, they would have known that the first three reports are always wrong.

No, the shooter was not the one they expected. He did not follow the approved script. His car radio was not tuned to Limbaugh, his trunk was not filled with Beck paraphernalia. He did not carry a copy of the Constitution in his pocket. He was not a card-carrying member of any Tea Party. Instead he was a nut job, pure and simple.

He did us a favor by posting unintelligible material on the internet that points to a severely diseased mind. He posted a video of himself burning the American flag (a hat tip to Bill Ayers, perhaps). There were some books on his reading list, but most of them solidly left-inspired.

As more and more facts leaked out, the Left began backing off. This was not their guy. They would have to wait for another, more suitable to their purpose.

I hadn’t really heard the news until late. One tends not to listen to radio much, especially on weekends when it’s snowing. I had just finished posting King Crimson. The devil made me do it. Then, I went back and listened to the words…


  1. left, right, who cares. our nation is divided like never before and it's people like you and your rantings who just inflame the tensions. why don't we just say a horrible thing happened and not try to assign blame to any faction and/or stroke our egos by thinking we know the truth in this matter.

  2. Brilliant commentary Peter. I thought it was well thought out and really quite astute. Excellent!