Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Condo For Hillary (in Brasilia)

The difference between Republicans and conservatives is that conservatives know that present policies will not bring the economy back. As present policies are in control, the jobs picture will not improve. What’s left, is to determine who gets the blame.

POTUS will blame Republicans for obstructing. Republicans will blame POTUS and Democrats for policies already in place. Stalemate, so far. Enter the press. This tips the balance in favor of the Dems.

I’m telling you, Obama has it sewed up unless we get serious; meaning, starting immediately with impeachment proceedings.

Bolton is my guy as well. He is smart, serious and articulate. He knows his stuff. He is a patriot. He is practical. He is not a politician. He’s everything that I would want an American leader to be. As such, he is unelectable. America no longer elects competent leaders. America elects only show horses. The ideologues among us know this.

Where would you say Hillary Clinton is right now as we speak? Nobody knows. But I know. She’s down in Brazil, hobnobbing with the likes of Hugo Chavez and Dilma Rousseff, a Chavez client. Rousseff is taking office today. Hillary is there to make a down payment on a condo in Brasilia just in case things don’t work out here.

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  1. This condo looks interesting. Wish you can add more details on it. Thanks!