Thursday, January 6, 2011


Bahukutumbi Raman has been in the forefront of raising deeply troubling issues about Pakistan as it exists today. Pakistan is considered to be an ally of the U.S. Indeed, even if it weren’t, it would almost have to have been invented. Pakistan is said to have an arsenal of nuclear arms. It is one of the primary bases from which we fight terrorism in Afghanistan.

Those who have studied Pakistan have been warning that Pakistan may not be all it’s been cracked up to be. For one thing, Pakistan is deeply divided. This division has fissures extending into every Pakistani heart. On one hand, Pakistanis are a proud people who wish to join the modern world and be respected within it. On the other, there are those who have not exactly embraced modernity. This too springs of pride; only, it is a ruthless, savage pride that seeks to dominate and oppress on a most basic level. Modern weapons have exceeded their usefulness in curbing such appetites.

As such, when we speak of Pakistan, we speak of separate factions, each with its own way of doing things. An agreement with one will fail to satisfy the other.

The primary victims of Pakistani chaos are the majority of its people who are people like any other. It is they who are caught between a rock and a hard place, and suffering. Second, it is a threat to India. Pakistan has never healed from the partition which Gandhi and Jinnah engineered in the interest of peaceful coexistence. Jinnah demanded a separate Muslim nation to which Gandhi acquiesced.

The only difference between India and Pakistan is their religions. India’s (by no means less intense) devotion to Hinduism nevertheless remains tolerant of other religions and has been able to move forward in important areas under the banner of a more or less secular approach. Pakistan (and the Middle East in general) has not.

As Pakistan fell further and further behind, the need to blame others became acute. It did not help for Western nations to exploit Pakistan’s despair. Now Pakistan has become a problem that threatens to plunge the world into all-out war. It’s primary ally is China. (America only pretends to be allied with Pakistan for media consumption.) China, too, will not be able to deal with the chaos that is Pakistan. It will continue to promote and use such as it is for its own purposes.

There are now many who are deeply entrenched inside Western camps who seek to destroy capitalism. Islam’s goal is the same. Pakistan (and Islam in general) is being used to undermine the West. It is only a tool (and tools can never exceed their specific function). In the end, Islam has no prayer of winning. When all is said and done; it, along with Western liberals (useful idiots), will be crushed.

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